Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Scum Fuc.

I guess to all you hippies this is just another one of God's beautiful creatures.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Slug Maze.

Vile creatures.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Two Shots From A Loaded Clip.

Rowdy shit. Listen to those fucking cuts.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Haymaker Bringing The Ruckus.

Fireworks, destruction and disgruntled police. Punk as fuck.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Funny T-Shirts. Part 1.

You know the type of idiot that wears one of these abominations.

The kind of person that bores you to death listing every drink they drank last night. The kind of person that will waste 10 minutes of their life trying to make buying "really po weed" off their small-time dealer mate an interesting story. The kind of person that asks you if you've heard Caspa and Rusko's Cockney Thug and then tries to play it to you through one of their headphones when you've just told them to fuck off.

I seriously hope you die of cirrhosis you ugly student.

Stop pretending that you're interesting when the worst thing you'll do tonight is drink Fosters and take back a joke you made about someone's mum.

Come near me and i'll kick you in the cunt.

Let's be honest. You probably get laid even less than me.

No I don't want to read about your MDMA experience on Erowid.


So what's fucking with Blackout 2?

The new "Wu-Tang" album is a shambolic half-arsed Rza wankfest that makes 8 Diagrams look like the Purple Tape. No Method Man? No GZA? Get the fuck out.

Talking of tapes that are purple, DJ Decko and Lazy K have knocked out a pretty dope Raekwon mix as of recent. I guess it will do while we pretend that his album's actually gonna come out (It's just been pushed back.. Again).

Will everyone stop going on about Relapse? Eminem hasn't been good for nearly 10 years now and nothing's going to change that. I'm not gonna front like his flow hasn't marginally improved but when you're pushing 40 and purposefully making your voice sound like a prepubescent on helium, maybe you should stick to making beats for weed carriers like Trick Trick and Ca$his.

Novel's got a catchy new tune with Joell and Papoose and it's a banger for sure. Ortiz does his usual thing and Pap sounds like he's back to his old style somewhat, though he could've switched up the flow a bit (reminds me of new school Kool G Rap or something). Novel throws in a bit of R&B cheese and I ain't complaining..

Late Nights. Early Graves.

Hello mongoloids.
So I made another fucking blog. I ain't promising this won't be worst than the last pile of shit that vacated my cyberbowels (see Raised At Gunpoint.)

Don't sleep though.. You might learn something.